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Bacteria Testing and Clearance

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RegasGroup Environmental Consultants provides testing for bacteria in residential and commercial properties. RegasGroup tests for bacteria utilizing surface samples and rapid on-site results with Mycometer.


Bacteria remediation is necessary when you incur a Cat II or Cat III water loss in your home or place of business. These can occur when water from sewage has backed up into an occupied facility or clean water is left untreated and becomes stagnant.


Prior to the re-occupancy of any structure where bacteria remediation has been performed, clearance sampling is vital in ensuring all the bacteria has been properly remediated. RegasGroup can provide rapid on-site clearance utilizing state of the art equipment such as Mycometer to get you back in your home or place of business. Please check your current state and county laws to make sure you comply with any regulations or call RegasGroup to confer with a bacteria specialist.

About Bacteria

Bacteria are small single-celled organisms. Bacteria are found almost everywhere on Earth and are vital to the planet's ecosystems. Some species can live under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. The human body is full of bacteria, and in fact is estimated to contain more bacterial cells than human cells. Most bacteria in the body are harmless, and some are even helpful. A relatively small number of species cause disease.

Bacteria can be found indoors when “Black Water”, water from sewage, has entered the home from a pipe break, toilet overflow, storm water and other ways. Bacteria from black water should be considered hazardous and treated as such. It is important to have a professional clean and treat any areas, building materials, furnishings and personal items contaminated by black water.

Bacteria can also grow indoors from stagnant water or “Gray Water”. This type of water will be treated the same way “Black Water” is treated.


Bacteria Health Effects

Cat II - Grey Water  |  Category 2 water damage consists of contaminated water that may cause discomfort or illness if ingested. It may contain chemicals, microorganisms, or other contaminants. Sources of Category 2 water damage include dishwasher or washing machine leaks and sump pump failures.

Cat III - Black Water  |  Category 3 Water Damage is associated with severe health risks due to the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Contact with this water can lead to a range of illnesses, including gastrointestinal issues, skin infections, respiratory problems, and more. It is crucial to avoid any direct contact withCategory 3 Water and take appropriate safety measures when dealing with its aftermath.

Industry Leading Difference

RegasGroup has changed the industry by providing same day inspections to keep your project moving forward. Call today to speak with an environmental consultant that can help answer your questions and get your job scheduled on your timeline.

Our same day results will give you one less thing to worry about. Utilizing our in-house NVLAP accredited lab MicroTest, RegasGroup is able to deliver same day results with peace of mind!

In order to move forward with your project, a full and concise report is imperative. RegasGroup will provide you with a detailed report ensuring you have the proper documentation to keep your project moving forward.

Utilizing laboratory trained and proficient environmental consultants, RegasGroup performs on-site clearances and post abatement verification for asbestos abatement. This allows for the abatement process to be completed in a timelier manner, allowing you or your contractor to access the site to start repairs immediately.

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